History and activities

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Acting in accordance with the Ukrainian Constitution and defining the democratic development of the state as the priority of its activities, Association of Ukrainian Cities works efficiently and effectively for municipalities, their territorial communities, all Ukrainian people.

The Association of Ukrainian Cities is almost of the same age as our independent state. The history of its formation and development is rather interesting and dynamic. For a decade of its active public work the AUC has managed not only to attract the attention of the general public but also unite the major part of Ukrainian municipalities and gain respect from the governmental bodies.

The Association of Ukrainian Cities was founded in June 1992, and at that time it consisted of 35 member-municipalities. At the interregional meeting of city council heads in Dnipropetrovsk the main objectives of its functioning were determined: reforming the political system, supporting the policy of market transformations, broadening the horizontal links between the municipalities by means of economic cooperation, advocacy of member-municipalities rights and interests, cooperating with state authorities and NGOs for Ukraine transforming into a nation with the socially-oriented market economy. 

In January 1995, all-member meeting of the Association adopted its Statute. According to it, the Association has got its official name: the Association of Ukrainian Cities and its status was defined as an all-Ukrainian, non-governmental, non-profit, and non-partisan organization.

Nowadays AUC unites 574 Ukrainian cities, rayons in cities, settlements and villages where more than 95% of Ukrainian urban population lives.

For more than 15 years of its activities the Association of Ukrainian Cities contributed much to the conceptual, legislative, financial and practical aspects of local self-government development in Ukraine.

For more than 15 years of its activities the Association of Ukrainian Cities contributed much to the conceptual, legislative, financial and practical aspects of local self-government development in Ukraine. Looking back to the last decade we see the milestones that touched and were touched by the AUC functioning.


For years of its existence, the AUC passed through the change of 3 presidents, a dozen governments, and together with its members went through 5 elections, each time renewing the representation of communities for about 50%, however, becoming stronger and more developed.

·        the all-Ukrainian voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit union of local governments of about 574 territorial communities, uniting more than 95% of urban population of Ukraine aiming its activity at the safeguarding local self-government rights and advocating its interests;

·        AUC is governed by the General Meeting – all-member meeting of the Association and in between its session by the AUC Board representing different-sized municipalities from all the regional offices;

·        the central office in Kyiv with 40 highly qualified specialists working in 5 departments and 2 centers;

·        25 regional offices in all oblasts of Ukraine;

·       10 professional groups: Union of Local Council Secretaries, Financial Departments Specialists, Local Council Lawyers, Section on Education, Health Care, Social Protection, Housing and Communal Economy, Land Policy, Culture and Arts, Family, Youth and Sport;

·        the powerful legislative (AUC specialists participated in the elaboration of all the laws and legislative drafts related to local self-government issue) and analytical center, its researches are based on the statistical data (according to the agreement between the AUC and the State Statistical Committee of Ukraine the Association possesses the statistical data of Ukrainian municipalities financial, social and economic development);

·        the center of the legal assistance to the municipalities and local governments providing legal consultancy to local government officials, representing their interests in courts;

·        the center for municipal staff training and professional development involved in drafting and implementation of training programs for local governments’ servants, holding workshops, regional trainings, schools for municipal employees, maintains the data bases of local self-government experts and training institution providing training services to local governments. In 2005-2009 more 30 000 municipal servants trained in the framework of the USAID funded project;

·        the anchor organization of LOGIN in Ukraine (LOcal  Government Informational Network of CEE countries;

·        the representative of Ukraine in the Council of European Municipalities and Regions and in the World organization «UnitedCitiesand Local Governments»;

·        about 70 donor funded projects implemented successfully within 15 years’ history of the AUC with the biggest – $ 4,2 mln granted by the USAID for the «Development Initiative for Advocating Local Governance in Ukraine»project implementation that is now on the way;

·        about 200 seminars, workshops, working group sessions, conferences, forums and trainings held in 2009-2010 with about 10 000 participants in general.